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Use wall upholstery for acoustics and insulation. It offers a remarkable benefit in residential apartments, offices, and private homes. It works as an acoustical technique that minimizes external sound interference and absorbs sound created within

a given space.


In addition, our wall upholstery is eco-friendly. It works to maintain a room's temperature in winter months and slows the invasion of outdoor heat during the summer. Reduce your heating and air conditioning bills with our high-quality upholstery.

Add a unique, custom design

Invest in impressive wall upholstery and fabric

Create a beautiful space full of texture and style

Architects and interior designers admire the look and feel of wall upholstery. It's a visually-appealing design with unique colors, textures, and patterns. It creates a softness in your home that's impossible to beat. Ideal for contemporary and traditional interiors, this is a serviceable option for commercial and residential spaces.

Experience the benefits of wall upholstery with our stellar fabric wrapped wall system.

Design with fabrics and our skilled craftsmen

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