Interiors By J.C. Landa

Interiors by J.C. Landa provides custom furnishing and window treatments in and around Manhattan, NY. Our firm has more than 50 years of experience, and we have worked with top designers, private and corporate clients on a wide variety of residential, commercial, and corporate projects. Our work can be found in many of the most exclusive residences and corporate offices in the country, including the White House!


We create exquisite residential and commercial furnishing to fit any space. We provide custom headboards, ottomans, chairs, and other furnishings with the fabric upholstery of your choice to create a one of a kind piece. Our technicians offer commercial and home furniture installation. In addition, we offer custom bedding and wall upholstery for improved aesthetics and acoustics in any space.


Our impeccable window treatments are custom designed to create a work of art in your home. We begin by creating custom designs for your curtains, which are then transformed into a work of art in our workroom before being installed by our professional installation experts. In addition to window coverings, we offer custom curtain hardware.


We have an appointment only showroom in Manhattan, NY where we work with you to create elegant design furnishings for your home or business. Please browse our website to read more about our products and services. Contact Interiors by J.C. Landa today at 718-932-6160 to schedule an appointment and learn how we can transform your space to reflect your preferences and the image you want to portray of your home or corporate office.


Home Furnishings & Custom Window Treatments Manhattan, NY